Providing insurance for businesses integrating dogs into schools

Insurance for therapy dogs in schools provides essential cover when taking animals into schools where they will interact with children.

Most education authorities will insist you are insured. In addition to the operational advantages insurance offers, it also demonstrates your commitment to safety.

The right cover for responsible school activities

Our insurance for pet dogs in schools provides cover in relation to claims from third parties, such as schools or members of the public, for injury caused to someone or damage to property as a result of your negligence.

Allowing dogs into schools for therapeutic reasons is rewarding and important to the development of the children who benefit from these experiences. That’s why it’s vital your business is allowed to continue delivering its services safely and responsibly.

Pet Business Insurance is here to help ensure your business is protected. For more information on our school therapy dog insurance, call today on +353 1574 2899, or complete our enquiry form.

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School therapy dog insurance FAQs

What are the guidelines for therapy dogs in school?

Therapy dogs in schools always require adult supervision. Pupils cannot be left with the dogs unsupervised. Pupils need to be reminded of the appropriate behaviour around the animals before any interaction to ensure their safety, as well as that of the staff and the animals.

What should I consider when having a therapy dog in school?

The behaviour of animals or children can sometimes be challenging to predict, so the risk of injury or property damage is always a factor. It is important to consider that some children and staff may be allergic or have a fear of dogs.

Do all schools allow therapy pets?

Each school will have their own policy when it comes to allowing animals on site, so it is best to check with your own school first.

Money Back Guarantee

Just starting up? Change or even cancel your policy anytime without any administration fees. Even better – Pet Business Insurance will refund your money, pro-rata, for any unused period of cover (as long as you haven’t made a claim of course!).

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