Providing protection for events, advice, and activities

As a club or association that works with members during live shows and activities where dogs are present, having insurance is essential. It demonstrates that you are a professional organisation capable of putting on well organised events.

Our dog club insurance protects your organisation against claims from club members or the public relating to injuries or damage to property.

If your club or society is involved in competitive events, we will provide cover for trophies, as well as club equipment, as standard. Money lost or stolen from club premises or during events will also be covered.

Optional extras are also available, as required. These include cover for claims from your employees for injuries and your liability with respect to the provision of professional advice to members, which turns out to be incorrect or negligent.

Note that there are some stipulations regarding the size of an event and the numbers of members that can be covered. An important exclusion to be aware of is any activity where live ammunition is present.

Whether your dog club is recently established, or you represent an experienced organisation that’s exploring its options, Pet Business Insurance has the expertise and range of coverage you need.

For more information, contact our team on +353 1574 2899 or complete our enquiry form.

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Our Standard Cover Includes

  • Public Liability Up to €6,500,000 included
  • Cover for up to 100 members
  • Member to member cover up to €6,500,000
  • Attend or organise shows of up to 150 people
  • All Risks Equipment & Trophy Insurance up to €3,000
  • Loss of Money up to €500
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Our Optional Extras Include

Dog club insurance FAQs

Are dog clubs responsible for field trials involving guns?

A dog club policy holder has no responsibility for the risk management of guns for field trials. If a dog or individual were to be injured by live ammunition, this would fall under the gun owner’s insurance.

What activities are excluded in dog club insurance?

Our dog club insurance covers up to a maximum of 10 shows/events a year, with a maximum of 150 people attending as standard, but this can be increased if needed. Any activities that include the use of inflatables, pyrotechnics, or mechanical machines are not covered.

Contact us to learn more about the section exclusions regarding claims related to dog club insurance.

Money Back Guarantee

Just starting up? Change or even cancel your policy anytime without any administration fees. Even better – Pet Business Insurance will refund your money, pro-rata, for any unused period of cover (as long as you haven’t made a claim of course!).

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