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Including Dog Day Care, Pet Minding & Pet Boarding services

  • Pet Sitting Insurance including pet boarding and pet minding services

    Ireland’s Favourite Pet Sitter Insurance

    Do you provide pet sitting in other people’s homes?  Or pet boarding at your own house? That’s a great responsibility.  Customers are looking for someone who takes their job professionally and can treat their home and pets with great care.

    You not only need to care for precious pets and are responsible for pet behaviour in public – but you also need be responsible for a client’s home possessions and house keys.

    Don’t worry, PBI has you covered. Pet Business Insurance provides specialised pet sitting insurance for individuals running pet boarding, minding and pet sitting services across Ireland.

    At Pet Business Insurance we understand the needs of Pet Sitters, Animal Minders and people offering Pet Boarding. Our specifically designed pet sitting insurance policy has been developed for your pet business and can be tailored to suit your own individual needs.

    Pet Sitting Insurance covers all your requirements, including;

    Pet Sitters and Boarders insurance covers all your requirements, including;

    • Public Liability – should an animal cause an accident or injury or damage someone elses property
    • Care Custody and Control – in case you accidentally lose an animal or it is injured whilst in your care
    • Non Negligent Cover (as an extension of Public liability cover). Covers accidental injury to an animal in your care
    • Loss of Key Cover – in case you misplace your clients’ keys
    • Employers Liability – should you have any staff or helpers
    • Online quotation and cover or call our friendly team on 021 234 8006
    • Tailor-made packages to suit your individual needs
    • Plus other cover options such as equipment, glass, buildings, personal accident, professional indemnity and holiday cancellation cover

    As a Pet Sitter, Pet Boarder or Animal Minder you are responsible for the safety of guest animals and for their actions whilst they are in your care. At Pet Business Insurance we understand that you have specific insurance needs and concerns, which is why we provide the right insurance packages for individuals working as Pet Sitters, Pet Minders and Pet Boarders.

    If you’re ready – buy pet sitting insurance online right now.  Advice? More information? Call us on 021 234 8006 during office hours and speak to a professional in Pet Business Insurance today.

    Pet Sitting Insurance, Pet Minding Insurance, Pet Boarding Insurance – Summary

    Pet Boarding, Minding, Sitting Insurance; this is a commercial business insurance policy suitable for part-time, small businesses or large commercial enterprises that offer a pet minding, sitting or boarding service. This pet business insurance includes public liability for sitters, minders or boarders is just one the specialist pet business insurance and animal business insurance from PBI Ireland.

    Pet Boarding, Minding, Sitting Business – Types of Business Insurance

    All pet sitting policies includes Public Liability Insurance, Care Custody & Control and Loss of Keys.  Further add on insurance options includes Employers Liability Insurance, Non Negligent Insurance, Business Interruption Insurance, Holiday Emergency Cancellation Insurance, Equipment Insurance, Glass Insurance, Professional Indemnity, Personal Accident Insurance.

    Pet Boarding, Minding, Sitting Business Insurance in Ireland

    Our Pet Business Insurance for Minders, Sitters and Boarding Services is available throughout the Republic of Ireland including the towns of Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford and the Counties of County Cork, County Galway, County Mayo, County Donegal, County Kerry, County Tipperary, County Clare, County Tyrone, County Antrim, County Limerick, County Roscommon, County Down, County Wexford, County Meath, County Londonderry, County Kilkenny, County Wicklow, County Offaly, County Cavan, County Waterford, County Westmeath, County Sligo, County Laois, County Kildare, County Fermanagh, County Leitrim, County Armagh, County Monaghan, County Longford, County Dublin, County Carlow, County Louth.

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