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  • Horse Sitter Insurance

    Winning business insurance for horse sitters, your business equipment, your customers & their horses

    Being a horse sitter requires a range of experience and equine knowledge, and at Pet Business Insurance Ireland we work with a varied mix of small and large horse sitter services and have years of experience dealing with all aspects of horse and equine handling.

    Horse sitters can work in with animals from a variety of areas and most of our horse sitter clients have come to expect the unexpected. At Pet Business Insurance our friendly team guides you through all the different options that are available to you – saving you time and money.

    With the Pet Business Insurance Horse Sitters Insurance you are covered for the general work required in looking after the horse(s) in your care – including the feeding, cleaning, mucking out and turning out. As a horse sitter this insurance does not cover you for the riding/exercising of of the animals, nor is non-negligent cover currently available for working with horses.

    As a Horse Sitter you are responsible for the safety of the animals and for their actions whilst they are in your care – cover yourself and your business with the protection your horse sitting business needs. Our friendly team guides you through all the different options that are available to you – saving you time and money.

    Horse Sitters Insurance Summary

    This is a commercial business insurance policy suitable for part time, small businesses or large commercial enterprises that offer horse sitting services to the public. This equine business insurance that includes public liability for horse sitters is just one the specialist pet business insurance and equine business insurance from PBI Ireland.

    Horse Sitter Business Types of Insurance

    All policies includes Public Liability Insurance Care Custody & Control & Loss of Keys.  Further add on insurance options includes Employers Liability Insurance, Holiday Emergency Cancellation Insurance, Equipment Insurance & Personal Accident Insurance.

    Horse Sitter Insurance Ireland

    Our Pet Business Insurance for Horse Sitting services is available throughout the Eire including the towns of Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford and the Counties of County Cork, County Galway, County Mayo, County Donegal, County Kerry, County Tipperary, County Clare, County Tyrone, County Antrim, County Limerick, County Roscommon, County Down, County Wexford, County Meath, County Londonderry, County Kilkenny, County Wicklow, County Offaly, County Cavan, County Waterford, County Westmeath, County Sligo, County Laois, County Kildare, County Fermanagh, County Leitrim, County Armagh, County Monaghan, County Longford, County Dublin, County Carlow, County Louth.

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