Shop Glass Insurance for Pet Businesses

  • broken shop glass window insurance for pet businessesMany pet businesses, such as dog groomers work from high street shop premises, and the big shop front window is an essential way to attract customers and get passing trade.

    Unlike replacement glass for your home, to replace a shop window due to accidental or malicious damage can cost thousands of Euros. So it is important that you have sufficient and suitable glass cover in place for your business.

    If a shop front window is broken, how long will it take to repair?  What will you do in the meantime?  How much does it cost to board up?  What about sign writing?  How much will that cost?  Is it included in your current insurance policy?  What if the accident happened because of an animal in your care?  Is that covered by ‘normal’ business insurance?

    These are all questions you need to ask when running a pet business with a shop front on the high street.

    Our glass insurance covers upto €2,000 with €100 excess and includes boarding up pending repair or replacement; as well as any window sign-writing and damage to framework – providing it was damaged at the same time as the glass itself.