Buildings Insurance for Pet Businesses

pet business buildings insurancePet Business Insurance provides buildings insurance covers as a separate policy. Buildings Insurance covers the cost of damage to the structure of your pet business property.

This includes things like the roof, walls, ceilings, floors, doors and windows. Other outdoor structures such as outbuildings and garages can also be included.

Your buildings insurance should cover the full cost of rebuilding the property. This should include costs such as demolition, clearing the site, and architect’s fees. When choosing buildings insurance, make sure any special features such as a specialist fitted features are also included in the policy.

Buildings insurance usually covers loss or damage that occurs as a result of:

  • fire
  • explosion
  • bad weather, including lightning, storms and flooding
  • earthquakes
  • theft or attempted theft
  • malicious damage or vandalism
  • freezing or bursting of any part of the plumbing system
  • falling trees, lampposts, aerials or satellite dishes
  • subsidence
  • impact by vehicles or aircraft

If you own the property, you can also be insured against legal responsibility if someone dies or is injured when they visit your property. You can also get cover for damage to someone elses goods or property when they visit you.

Homes where a Pet Business operates can often be classed by many high street and online insurers as a “non standard” risk.  A significant proportion of households in the Ireland are categorized as being a “non standard” risk for various reasons. These households would require a Specialist or Non Standard insurer that would cover home insurance needs for people running a pet business from home.

The worse case is that a home owner is unaware that operating their pet business from home has invalidated their buildings insurance policy.  In this case you might only find out when your claim was declined.

Pet Business Insurance are the experts in, well, pet business insurance.  Contact us today on 021 234 8006 or email one of our friendly, expert pet business insurance team.  Because we only provide pet business insurance, we know exactly the right buildings and contents cover you need to cover your pet business working from your home.