Dog Training Insurance

Peace of mind for dog trainers & animal behaviourists

  • Dog Training Insurance & Pet Behaviourists Insurance - Business Public Liability

    Peace of mind for dog trainers & pet behaviourists in Ireland

    In a perfect world, all pets and companion animals and their owners live peacefully together, however for those times when that doesn’t happen dog trainers and pet behaviourists step in to help.

    In your work, insurance is crucial when dealing with potentially badly behaving and aggressive animals. You are responsible for the safety of the animals and for their actions whilst they are in your care. Your advice and opinion are also seen as part of your professional business.

    Dog Training and Pet Behaviorists work in one of the fastest growing sectors in Ireland. As a Pet Trainer you need to be sure you have insurance covering the right areas of your work – not only for your peace of mind, but also for your clients.

    At Pet Business Insurance we provide cover for Dog Trainers who offer their services in a group, class or even on a one to one basis – training can include a range of disciplines including obedience, behaviour, agility.

    At Pet Business Insurance we understand the various issues Pet Behaviourists face and have developed a package to suit Behaviourists that work in a group, class or even on a one to one basis for various pets and animals. Pet Behaviourists often work with a range of animals, as well as dogs, and deal with various issues including: aggression, fussy eating, destructiveness, pulling, jumping, barking, travel issues and nervousness.

    You can tailor a package to suit your own individual needs, including;

    • Public Liability to protect you from third party claims
    • Liability to Animals – should you lose an animal or it causes an injury whilst in your charge
    • Non-Negligent cover – accidental injury to an animal in your care. Up to €15,000
    • Professional Indemnity – if someone alleges that they lost financially due to something you advised or did
    • Personal Accident Cover – should you have an accident whilst at work and as a result your earnings suffer through disability
    • Equipment cover for specialist materials or equipment your business uses
    • Employers Liability for any staff you employ
    • Online quotation and cover or call our friendly team on 021 234 8006 during office hours
    • Tailor-made packages to suit your individual needs

    Dog Trainer Insurance & Pet Behaviourists Insurance Summary

    Dog Trainer Business Insurance & Pet Behaviourists Business Insurance; this is a commercial business insurance policy suitable for small businesses or large commercial operations that offer dog training and pet services to the public. This dog business insurance includes public liability for dog trainers and pet behaviourists is just one the specialist pet business insurance and animal business insurance from PBI Ireland.

    Dog Training Insurance & Pet Behaviourists Insurance – Types of Business Insurance

    All policies includes Public Liability Insurance Care Custody & Control & Loss of Keys.  Further add on insurance options includes Employers Liability Insurance, Non Negligent Insurance, Business Interruption Insurance, Holiday Emergency Cancellation Insurance, Equipment Insurance, Glass Insurance, Professional Indemnity, Personal Accident Insurance.

    Dog Training Business Insurance & Pet Behaviourists Business Insurance Ireland

    Our Pet Business Insurance for Dog Walkers / Dog Walking Services is available throughout the Eire (Republic of Ireland) including the towns of Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford and the Counties of County Cork, County Galway, County Mayo, County Donegal, County Kerry, County Tipperary, County Clare, County Tyrone, County Antrim, County Limerick, County Roscommon, County Down, County Wexford, County Meath, County Londonderry, County Kilkenny, County Wicklow, County Offaly, County Cavan, County Waterford, County Westmeath, County Sligo, County Laois, County Kildare, County Fermanagh, County Leitrim, County Armagh, County Monaghan, County Longford, County Dublin, County Carlow, County Louth.